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ZNatural® with DME™ is biochemist Harvey Kaufman's  original detoxifiying liquid supplement in its purest form. 

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Frequently asked questions and answers about ZNatural®

Q: What is ZNatural® made of?
A: ZNatural® is composed of 4.5 di-cyclo, disilico, dimagnesium, dialumino, oxyo, trihydrate and a 100% natural preservative  mixed in a solution of pure distilled water. It is a GRAS-listed ingredient (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA.

Q: How does it work?
A: ZNatural® works by Chelation. The patented molecular structure attracts heavy metals, organic toxins, free radicals and rogue cells. ZNatural® selectively captures toxins and removes them from the blood stream, organs, glands and cells. ZNatural® helps to restore the body's ability to fight disease.

Q: Why do I need detoxification?
A: There are more than 75,000 harmful chemicals in the modern world. Our bodies cannot escape contact with heavy metals, carcinogens, pesticides and other toxic substances that lurk in the air, water, food and products of all kinds. The abundance of toxins overwhelms the body's defenses. Regular and thorough detoxification is recommended by health experts as a most effective way to support the body's natural auto-immune system, defend against disease, restore energy and insure continual good health.

Q: How do I know if I have toxins in my body?
A: Typical signs of excessive toxins are lack of energy, poor sleep, increased number of colds or flu, fatigue, and loss of mental clarity.

Q: Does ZNatural® have any side effects?
A: ZNatural® has the important GRAS rating (Generally Recognized As Safe) from the FDA. ZNatural® has been taken by thousands of consumers worldwide. No claims have been made asserting any harm, injury or negative side effects caused by ZNatural®.

Q: How long will it take for me to notice the beneficial effects of ZNatural®?
A: ZNatural® is intended for use on a daily basis. The effects of consistent detoxification are cumulative. It may be several weeks before one notices a distinct improvement in overall health and well-being and the elimination of chronic symptoms of bioaccumulation.

Q: Will ZNatural® interfere with any other medications?
A: If you are taking any prescription medication, you should always check with a medical professional before using ZNatural® or any health supplement or medicine of any kind. There is no evidence that ZNatural® interferes with ANY medication or medical treatment, but you should consult your physician.

Q: Can children take ZNatural®?
Yes, children 6-years and older can take ZNatural®.

Q: Is ZNatural® different than a colon cleanser?
: Colon cleansers may help purge the system or temporarily cleanse the colon or intestines, but they do not permeate the bloodstream or detoxify the blood, organs, glands and cellular tissue throughout the body. Only ZNatural® with DME is based on the patented formula that is completely bioeffective and capable of reaching every area of the body with potent detoxifying nano-chelates.

Q: Why do you have to take ZNatural® every day?
Toxins invade your body every day, in the food you eat, the water your drink, and the air you breathe. The best detoxification program is thorough and continuous. Taken on a daily basis, ZNatural® will rid your body of accumulated toxins and safeguard against future invaders, providing powerful support to immune defense and disease resistance.

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